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ITiling: ITIL Consultancy

Ingrid Stone is an ITIL Expert with over 20 years experience in ITIL.  Ingrid is passionate about providing excellent Customer Service and can advise you how to improve your business efficiency and reduce costs.

Ingrid can carry out an ITIL assessment on your services to measure their current fit to ITIL and then advise on areas for improvement to achieve a higher ITIL match.

If you have read this far you are either a IT professional in the field and have worked in ITIL compliment organisations or you may, like a lot people reading be asking what is ITIL?   Wikipdia will tell you “The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a set of concepts and practices for Information Technology Services Management”

ITIL is a set of practices for II Service Management focusing on aligning IT Service with the needs of the business.  It underpins ISO/IEC 20000.

ITIL can be used in any organisation to help ensure that the IT system are developed and support in ways that enable the business to grow and not be held back by its IT.

Whilst ITIL is commonly found in large organisations, small business can benefit from applying some part of ITIL methodology to their technical infrastructure.   An area that ITIL practices can often help all sizes businesses is in the release of changes, ensuring these and released in a controlled manner and do not disrupt the core business.

The link below takes you to a pdf that give a detailed introduction to ITIL

ITIL introduction