Cool recommendations

With the constant changes in Technology this is where I will tell you about new tools / products I come across to help with your everyday life or business.

iPhone / ipad apps

Moveit – Transportation application, helps you get about on public transport in Israel

Keeper – Password keeper, we really all need this these day with the number of password we have to remember.\
A great tip on passwords is to have 3 different types/levels

  • very secure for your financial information, emails etc that you don’t tell anyone
  •  medium – logins that are important but you might occasionally give to someone else in your family to look at ie online tools, shopping etc
  • low – sites that have no danger if they are hacked, no links to anything personal or financial

MyShopi – Holds your shopping list and lets you quickly tick things off as you buy them

Scanner Pro Scanner Pro – from Readdle, turns your ipad / iphone into an instant scanner – small cost


calandar 5

Calendar 5 – from Readdle, a powerful smart calender app that is easy to use – small cost


Desktop apps for business


Mailchimp – Mail marketing email manager.  Create quick and impressive email campaign or newsletters.




PicMonkey – Free online Photo editing.

Create those pictures for facebook in seconds.  Create a great collage.


 Business Apps – desktop and mobile

Zoho CRM

Gmail – more than just an email system these days

Keeping you computer safe

Before using any of these products take a backup of your system or seack advice if you are not sure how to proceed.

Ace-utilites:   Ace Utilities is a set of system-maintenance and optimization utilities for enhancing Windows performance – small cost but you can try for a month for free

CCleaner -PC Optimization and Cleaning application – simple to use tool to help optomize your PC – free

Article on comparisons  – this article compares optimization products,  however do note it was written by the author of jv16 powerTools that can out top in the report.