CRM Implementation

Why do I need a CRM?

It will help you improve the way you communicate with you customers giving you quick and simple access to their data when then call or before you meet them.

With the growth in popularity of  CRMs there are now lots of  solutions on the market.  The initial implementation is often quick and easy  – but moving from one product to another is time consuming, so it is essential that you review your requirements and find the product most suitable for you before trialling.

I can help you to define your requirements, and recommend a solution for you.  I frequently work with Salesforce for large organisations or non profit, and Zoho for small businesses. However I am not limited to these, I will take your requirements and ensure the product I recommend is the best fit to you.   We can then work together to implement your CRM and ensure you have the knowledge to use it yourself.

I will not leave until you have a good understanding of how to use the tool

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